Transformation Laboratories

Landuse Design Artefact

By: Habitat Uni, TU

Raquel Stattmilller | Ruben Vasques

Studio: “Translabs” WS 20/21

Prof. Philipp Misselwitz
Dr. Elke Beyer
Dr. Cordelia Polinna
Veit Vogel
David Bauer

Habitat Unit X Urban Catalyst X Hybrid City Lab

BB2040 is a studio that focus on the analysis and research to elaborate logical thinking about a possible future. The area of Großräschen is the assigned target area. The production of resources to sustain bigger cities implies the use of a large amount of area. For the population not to stagnate, age and decline, the city must exploit these productive possibilities, in order to develop economically and socially.

The objective of this work is to understand the spatial conflict between the main functions, considering the original character of the countryside. Fundamental assumptions are made, resulting on one hand from analysis and research and on the other hand from the reports of local experts.

This work settles in the first task of the studio where there was conducted an analysis divided in five categories to the assigned area. These categories were: Energy, Water, Mobility, Social Services, and Industry. Having the land use theme in mind, Social Services and Mobility were excluded from the work and three more were added: Housing, Farmland and Forest. This choice configures
the functions that consume more area in the territory.

Connected with these categories and built from the feedback received from the workshop made in Großräschen by the Studio, four major sentences were defined. These four statements are the base of this Design Artefact defined by a group of realistic plans. Each one represents one of the statements in the territory representing a possible and plausible future, twenty years from now. What might happen? What should change?


[EN]   Berlin Brandenburg 2040 was initiated by the Habitat Unit in cooperation with Projekte International and provides an open stage and platform for multiple contributions of departments and students of the Technical University Berlin and beyond. The project is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

[DE]   Berlin Brandenburg 2040 wurde initiiert von der Habitat Unit in Kooperation mit Projekte International und bietet eine offene Plattform für Beiträge von Fachgebieten und Studierenden der Technischen Universität Berlin und darüberhinaus. Das Projekt wird von der Robert Bosch Stiftung gefördert.

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