DIAGNOSE! Interview with

#5 – Matthew Gandy

By: Diogo Mello Jeremias & Paul Strobel

DIAGNOSE! Interview Series

Published on September 23, 2020

Matthew Gandy // Department of Geography, Cambridge University

Matthew Gandy is a Professor of Cultural and Historical Geography at the Department of Geography of Cambridge University. His focus rests on the fields of landscapes, urban nature, and biodiversity as well as infrastructures, urban political ecology and urban metabolism. Professor Gandy’s work strives for a redefinition of urban nature, reflecting on posthumanism and conceptions of agency and it takes into consideration various spaces from particular wastelands to broad urban landscapes. He has conducted research in various parts of the world including Berlin, Mumbai, Lagos, Los Angeles and London, channeling his work into a wide ranging set of written publications as well as other media formats.

Within the interview, we jointly explore the topics of future transformations and ways of approaching the urban through an infrastructural perspective. Furthermore, we talked about the relationship between natural and technical systems in regard to the notion of cyborgization, focussing especially on the cases of water and digital infrastructure. Towards the end of the talk, Professor Gandy states his opinion on the future challenges for the disciplines of spatial planning and the development of the B-B region.

Length:  36:00 min

[00:00:28] BerlinBrandenburg
[00:02:42] Covid-19
[00:04:43] Crban metabolism
[00:07:52] Water Infrastructure
[00:09:00] Infrastructural approach
[00:10:52] Future of water infrastructure
[00:13:01] Urban fragmentation
[00:13:27] Material & imaterial interfaces
[00:15:02] Digitisation
[00:16:05] Digital & material world
[00:17:27] Digital citizenship
[00:18:57] Digitization & urban interaction
[00:20:31] Environmental justice
[00:21:42] Urban palimpsest
[00:23:11] Post-anthropocene landscapes
[00:24:37] Neglected infrastructures
[00:25:44] Falling infrastructures
[00:27:45] Disruption of modernity
[00:28:26] Hidden realm
[00:30:15] Maintenance of infrastructures
[00:31:18] Infrastructures & experts
[00:32:34] Brachen
[00:35:38] Hybridisation
[00:36:40] Planning beyond sites
[00:37:12] Interdisciplinarity


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