DIAGNOSE! Interview with

#8 – Jochen Rabe

By: Paul Strobel & Diogo Mello Jeremias

DIAGNOSE! Interview Series

Published on November 18, 2020

Prof. Jochen Rabe // Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF), Technische Universität

With more than 20 years working as an urban developer in Germany and abroad, Jochen Rabe is also the head of Berlin’s Competence-Centre-Water. As a Professor, Rabe focuses his work on the ways digitisation is transforming our cities, taking into account new planetary conditions such as climate change and
population growth. In this context, urban resilience has become the core theme in his career, as it corresponds to the capacity of cities to react to current global challenges and the ways urban planners could use planning as a tool to mitigate these social, ecological and economic changes.

Considering his strong background and relationship to Berlin-Brandenburg, throughout the interview we discussed the possible digitisation impacts on urban centres and how the race for globalization is changing everyday practices, understanding these practices as practices of resilience and adaptation.

In this sense, we speculate on the ways in which the metropolitan area is being affected by the emergence of digital infrastructure and the possible answers to these emerging urban conditions. Furthermore, we also explore how the profession of spatial planning might impact the metropolitan region in the next 20 years in a way that could foster its resilience.

Length:  47:05 min

[00:00:27] Introduction
[00:01:21] Urban resilience
[00:03:23] Bbblockchain
[00:05:57] Sustainability vs. resilience
[00:08:05] Facets of digitisation
[00:10:28] Nature of digital infrastructure
[00:12:29] Adaptation of infrastrastructure
[00:15:48] Modelproject smart cities
[00:19:05] Smart cities
[00:23:43] Accessibility
[00:24:41] Data sovereignty
[00:28:39] Open-source city
[00:30:45] Technological hype cycles
[00:33:20] Digitisation & sustainability
[00:35:53] Decentralisation
[00:37:25] Multifunctional space
[00:40:40] Multifunctional infrastructures



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