BB - The Carbon Valley


Sasha Amaya, Lisa Biermann, Adi Cohen, Yagmur Durak, Liujun Chen, Anna Markušina, Jonas Möller and Azada Taheri

Studio: “BB Intouch” WS 20/21

Prof. Philipp Misselwitz
Prof. Jörg Stollmann
Andrijana Ivanda
Veljko Markovic,
David Bauer

Habitat Unit X CUD

The Glacial Valley as a Carbon Infrastructure

In this project we grapple with confronting the goal of carbon neutrality in the Berlin Brandenburg region (hereafter BB) by 2040. In doing so, we focus our attention on the glacial valley as a site of intense carbon interactions, and work toward a contrast scenario framework, which envisions a two-decade long radical transformation of our material and contextual surrounds. We ask ourselves: How might the metabolisms of forests and those of the urban interact in 2040? Can a circular carbon cycle be designed in our region? And, if so, which stakeholders might it affect, and how might such a shift look and feel?

Our method is comprised of four main steps.

We forecast from current trends to understand the vulnerabilities and potential crises in the region, as well as demographic, political, and climaterelated trends.
Second, we then — in the framework of creating a contrast scenario — imagine a strikingly different future than current forecasts would portend.
Third, we take the conditions of our 2040 speculation seriously, and backcast to understand what kind of changes we need to enact, and under which principles we need to work, in order to reach our goal. Fourth, applying these principles, we create design proposals for three specific sites which allow us to investigate
the depth and complexity of the region, and suggest ways to move toward our vision of BB 2040.



[EN]   Berlin Brandenburg 2040 was initiated by the Habitat Unit in cooperation with Projekte International and provides an open stage and platform for multiple contributions of departments and students of the Technical University Berlin and beyond. The project is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

[DE]   Berlin Brandenburg 2040 wurde initiiert von der Habitat Unit in Kooperation mit Projekte International und bietet eine offene Plattform für Beiträge von Fachgebieten und Studierenden der Technischen Universität Berlin und darüberhinaus. Das Projekt wird von der Robert Bosch Stiftung gefördert.

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