Transformation Laboratories

Social Innovations

By: Habitat Uni, TU

Valeria Simonini & Paul Porath

Studio: “Translabs” WS 20/21

Prof. Philipp Misselwitz
Dr. Elke Beyer
Dr. Cordelia Polinna
Veit Vogel
David Bauer

Habitat Unit X Urban Catalyst X Hybrid City Lab

The video is conceived as a tool to start a social innovation project in the region Großräschen, our case of study. It is collecting a short introduction to the analysis of the context, the concept of the project itself, its philosophy, graphs explaining the methodology and references as guidelines. Nowadays, the identity of Großräschen is undefined and we see it as an opportunity to start speculating about the possible futures to come.

Our approach is acting in a glocal system: proposing local actions to face global issues. The research was to explain the regional modifications in a global scale. Since their impacts are already affecting the everyday life, it is important to open a conversation with the inhabitants themselves.The context has always been defined with a top-down approach following economical strategies. We have identified it as an important conflict to which the municipality has to face constantly. What we are interested about with our project is to address the decision-making structure.

We identified participation as a key driver for a desirable transformation. In order to involve people into the decisional structure, we need to build a community first, made of active and responsive citizens. The proposals a long-time process taking place in the time frame from 5 to 10years. It will work on several levels of engagement of the population at the same time. We can consider the first workshop with the inhabitants as the starting point, which was aiming to spark a conversation through gamification practice.

Afterward, the project will follow several phases technically assisted by professional figures, who will facilitate the dialogue with the institutions. First, we will be curating a program of activities in order to catch the population attention on a short period. Then we will start mapping possible actors to be involved on a longer timeframe. Alongside, underused spaces will be identified. Undefined areas can be conceived as test bed zones for temporary uses. The field of action of this method is the common good, public place people can collectively take care of.


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